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Radio Remote Control operation


This allows the operator to safely operate the loading mechanism without being in the proximity of moving parts or the loaded equipment.

Single Prime Mover and Low Loader Brake design

Bosich designs the prime mover brake system to operate all the desired braking functions on the low loader thus simplifying driver operation and training.

Speed Load Indicator


A screen is fitted into the prime mover cab which indicates the speed available for various loads and gradients. This removes the need to limit the low loader to a constant speed to cater for the maximum load.

No need for uncoupling/recoupling.

Fully controlled attachment

This ensures that loading is able to be accomplished in the minimum of time to get the payload back to work as soon as possible.

The connection between the low loader and the prime mover is constant and there no need to uncouple to prime mover during loading and unloading. This provides safe and fast operations.

Brake Cooling Module

This provides additional braking performance to the oil cooled trailer brakes so that steeper grades can be safely negotiated for longer periods.

Easy tyre changing

Rear tyres can be lifted off the ground using the suspension cylinders without the need for additional jacks and pads.

Outboard tyres for optimum stability

Rear tyres are outboard of any suspension components giving a wider tyre spacing and increased stability and are protected during loading operations.

Full width platform support when loading

The patented rear suspension system is used to lower the rear of the loading platform on to the ground so that the full width is supported on the ground to prevent platform shift when loading on soft or uneven ground.

Rear frame opening 220 degrees


This minimizes the likelihood of contact with the machinery being loaded and reduces pinch points for personnel.



Stainless Steel Hydraulic Pipes

All hydraulic pipes fitted along the trailer deck are fabricated with 304 stainless steel. This prevents rusting externally and also internally from moisture build up when standing for long periods during transport and manufacture. This also ensures no contamination of the oil.

Modular design

The Low Loader is modular in design and the low loader can therefore be delivered to site fully assembled or in sections for site assembly.


The low loader is fully plastic wrapped for shipping. This protects the paint surface from salt spray. No need to coat the paint with protection film and gives an environmentally clean unit for delivery.