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With capacities from 150 tonnes to 800 tonnes the patented Bosich Rear Axle eXpanding low loaders are designed for transporting powered mine site equipment such as excavators, dozers and drills around mine sites. The low loaders can also be used to move any suitable objects like tanks and dragline and excavator buckets as necessary.


Our patented Rear Axle Expanding Low Loader is a breakthrough design that enables the rear of the loading deck to be lowered to the ground. This is accomplished by using a remote control to activate the hydraulically adjustable suspension cylinders.

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Once the rear deck is on the ground the remote control is also used to pivot “expand” the rear wheels and lower the loading ramps to give the operators unrestricted access to pinpoint loads on the large deck.

Some models also have the loading ramps built in to the load deck for even quicker and simpler operation.


Model Overview


RAX Model Typical Prime mover Class Typical Loads Approx Dimensions Brake Cooling Ramps Tyres required
150 TONNE Cat 777 150t HE, Drills, Dozers and Wheel loaders 26000 x 7000 Optional in platform 4 x 27.00R49
210 TONNE Cat 777 210t HE, Drills, Dozers and Wheel loaders 26000 x 7000 Yes in platform 4 x 30.00R51
280 TONNE Cat 785 290t HE, Drills, Dozers and Wheel loaders 27000 x 7500 Yes fold down 4 x 37.00R57
360 TONNE Cat 789 360t HE, Drills, Dozers and Wheel loaders 27000 x 7500 Yes fold down 4 x 40.00R57
410 TONNE Cat 793 410t HE, Drills, Dozers and Wheel loaders 28000 x 8000 Yes fold down 4 x 46/90R57
600 TONNE Cat 797 600t HE, Drills, Dozers and Wheel loaders 29000 x 8500 Yes fold down 4 x 59/80R63
850 TONNE Cat 797 850 HE, Drills, Dozers and Wheel loaders 35000 x 109000 Yes fold down 8 x 59/80R63


Standard Equipment

  • Hi tow for prime mover
  • Trailer Axle Brakes
  • Remote control for trailer operation
  • Suspension system
  • Hydraulics for brake actuation
  • Integration with prime mover brakes
  • Trailer Lighting system
  • PLC electric control
  • Standard OEM rear axles, hubs and brakes
  • Operator Training
  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Comprehensive Parts Manual

Optional Equipment

  • Brake Cooling
  • Tyres and Rims
  • Additional Lighting


Every model is specifically designed for your application so we invite you to review the technical data and contact us for site specific specifications, performance data and features and benefits.


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Other features include

The remote controlled one man operation is safe and quick and there is no need to disconnect the loader from the prime mover to load and unload equipment. This means safer and quicker operation throughout the process.

Integrated loading ramp at the beaver tail on 150t and 240t models. This reduces maintenance requirements and speeds loading times.

All hydraulics run from the prime mover so there are no ancillary pumping systems on the trailer…