Operation and Maintenance

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One Man Operation

Loading and unloading can be accomplished using the radio remote controls in the minimum possible time without the need for support staff.

Flat Load area

Payload sits in the safest orientation and can be positioned to obtain optimal axle loading.

No Ramp Models

On models with integral ramps a low ramp angle of 9 degree is obtainable which is useful for loading drills and continuous miners.

Low Ramp Models

Ramps on larger capacity low loaders allow minimal clearance allowing for drill masts to protrude over the rear axle

Weight Distribution

As the full deck is available for loading the payload can be located for optimal weight distribution.

Ground Clearance

Large clearance under the main deck beams means reduced bottoming out on uneven terrain.

Low Cost Hitch installation

Simple design is easily fitted to the prime mover using the existing prime mover body pivot and hoist cylinder mounts. This also easily removed, if required, for transmission removal.

Single Axle

Lower maintenance costs and less tyre and road damage as tyre scuffing is eliminated.


All bushes on the low loader are connected with automatic lube lines to give constant lubrication. This connects into the prime mover lubrication system.

Isolated electrical system

All power into the Bosich system enters via a power conditioner and regulator and all circuits are isolated from the prime mover and trailer frame to guard against floating earths and welding damage. All wiring and control units are housed in conduits and cabinets rated IP65.

Turnkey Operation

The owner supplies the bare prime mover chassis and Bosich will supply and install all necessary controls and fittings for the combined unit brake, electric and hydraulic operation.

Excellent Parts Availability

The Bosich low loader is fitted with readily available components such as Parker Hydraulics, Caterpillar brakes, Deutsch electric plugs, etc. These are readily obtainable from Bosich or your current suppliers.


Large suspension cylinders allow for easy and safe raising of the load deck while operating at a low pressure of 17,500 kPa (2500 psi) oil pressure. This pressure rating means a long life for the cylinders and rod boots minimize dust access to seals thus prolonging life.