9 Reasons Why to Choose a Bosich Low Loader

A low-loader is used to transport high objects that cannot be broken down into smaller components. The loading bed is situated between the neck of the trailer and the rear axles. With capacities from 150 tonnes to 800 tonnes the Bosich Rear Axle eXpanding low loaders are designed for transporting powered mine site equipment such as dragline, excavator buckets, excavators, dozers and drills around mine sites. Here is an overview of their features.

  1.  No raised ramps, ramps built into deck of low loader
  2. High Ground Clearance Under Deck
  3. Oil Cooled and Fully Sealed Breaks
  4. Low Loaders have tyres to the full width of trailer for extra stability
  5. Remote Control Loading Operation with Mechanical Backup.
  6. The 9.8 degree ramp load angle
  7. No need to uncouple from truck to load
  8. They are suitable for carry drills, dozers and excavators
  9. Operate at high speed with a full loads

Bosich Nine Ways Advantage.